4 Proven Ways That Save Money While Transporting Vehicle
  • Remove extra weights and accessories from your vehicle before transporting

A vehicle transporting company may have various ways to charge for transportation. Most
carriers generally base their rate on the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, by removing
accessories and trying to cut down on the vehicle’s weight as much as possible, you can save a
rather significant amount when compared to just transporting the vehicle with everything intact.

  • Make sure to get your timing right

During weekends, charges are generally higher for most of the carriers offering vehicle
transportation. Holiday seasons are an absolute no-no because rates spike up during these
times, in some cases up to 300% of the normal rate. Ensure that you avoid transporting during
monsoon as more obstacles mean a higher cost.

  • Try to choose the right carrier and the right type of carrier

Vehicle relocation services vary from one area to another. In many cases, choosing an open
carrier that transports your vehicle along with other vehicles may prove more economical when
compared to closed carriers where only your vehicle is moved. However, there are also many
situations in which closed carriers are better. For instance, if you own a luxury car or a
reasonably premium one, it would be advisable to have a closed carrier for increased security. If
you find the right closed carrier, they would charge only marginally more than an open carrier
but this would still be advisable.

  • In the case of multiple vehicles, move them together

Many households today have two or more vehicles, as a combination of two and four wheeler’s.
Therefore, if you are in a situation where multiple vehicles need to be moved, ensure that you
avail relocation services as one unit rather than relocating them separately in order to cut down
on costs.

Vehicles are a huge help as they allow us to transport ourselves from one place to another. But
who will transport the transporter, is the million-dollar question? Rather, it is a billion-dollar
question as this amount is spent worldwide every year on moving vehicles from one place to
another. A large number of people deal with this dilemma at least once in five years since it is
becoming more and more common to relocate frequently at the starting portion of one’s career,
which would also mean moving one’s vehicle along. Cutting costs are, therefore, an important
aspect that needs to be considered as you can reduce the amount you pay for vehicle relocation
services by at least 30% if you are judicious in choosing the best way to transport your vehicle.
The cost-cutting methods are not exhaustive by any means – there may be even more ways to
lower your vehicle transportation costs significantly – all you have to do is look carefully and find
the areas where you can cut down.