Whether it’s your personal car or the entire fleet branded car, it is incredibly important to research before hiring a car shipping company. Shipping car is not as difficult as choosing the shipping services. In the pool of thousands, there are only some who are licensed and bonded. So it is suggested to be aware of red caps. Otherwise, you will end up a rolling stone and never be able to see your vehicle again.


In general, most of us use Google to find their perfect match and ask for the online vehicle-shipping quote from the companies, in which we are interested. After getting satisfied with their performance, experience, and charges, we prepare the car for moving. This includes removal of accessories and personal belongings from the car. In addition to this, many car-shipping companies suggest keeping the fuel tank low for easy and fast shipment. We all are aware of this general process, which is followed by most of the shipping companies to transport your prized possessions from one place to another.

But we still do things; differently, we are Car Mover.

We at Car Mover follow this generalized route map to deliver the vehicles to their intended destination. However, sometimes, we came across the question, how are we better than auto shipping brokers? Why should you hire us for vehicle transport services instead of other auto shipping brokers?

So, now before proceeding further, let’s know how many of you are familiar with the logistics of the auto shipping brokers. We believe that car enthusiasts like you are already aware of them and in case, if you are not, then let be honest, it’s not really a big deal.

However, for your convenience, let us place the facts.

There are three essential branches in car shipping business including brokers, carriers and the companies which master in both. So, now let’s try to understand them one by one.

Auto Shipping Brokers:

These are intermediary or third party logistics between the customers or shippers and the carriers. You can imagine them as your Google Search Partner. They facilitate auto transportation by helping the customers to find their perfect match for the specific services, they requested. With the help of their extensive network across both domestic and international platform, they try to move your car safely and timely to whatever location you want and the price, you fix.

The most significant advantage to associate with professional brokers is having the pool of verified and licensed car shipping companies in hand. As stated above, they have a vast network so, it is easy for them to shortlist the companies according to your needs and budget.

Besides that, you can enjoy stress-free shipping with them. By saying this we mean, that if you are directly approaching any vehicle transport services, then you need to go through a tedious and frustrated verification process yourself. You need to check license number, bond certificate and other essentials of the particular company to know its eligibility for transportation of your possessions.

These are some common benefits of hiring the auto shipping brokers. Now, let’s have a brief description of car shipping companies.

Car Shipping Companies:

These are well equipped with their own trucks and drivers to move your vehicles or cars from the point of pick-up to the point of destination. They are well-versed in handling your possessions with the utmost care and protect them from any internal and external damages.

Brokers usually charge a non-refundable deposit or better say, commission for arranging the shipping company for your car. However, professional car shipping companies offer you compensation, in case they failed to deliver the goods within the scheduled time frame. Here you are free to directly contact the concerned person who actually takes your car to its predetermined location.

Now next, to brokers and carriers, they are some companies in the market which work as both. They advertise as brokers across online channels and move your cars like carriers. In this niche of head-in-head competition, this is a part of the smart business.

In short, we can say, your needs and budget are the deciding factors for your choice between car shipping companies or car shipping brokers. Though, you should remember that both of them should be registered with FMCSA and have valid DOT (Department of Transportation) number. They equal work hard and share the same responsibility until your car reaches its proposed delivery point.

So, whatever be your decision, you are always requested to have complete documentation work with both of the entities for secured transportation of your vehicles.

In case, you need further information; you can contact our team at Car Mover directly and get the best transporting solutions for your cars. We are not just good on papers, our work speaks for itself.